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At our nursery we are focused on growing local native plant species, to use for local revegetation projects and retail sales. You will learn about native plant and weed ID, species ecological functions, useful and edible plants, plant culture,  plant evolution, food and habitat species for fauna, plant reproduction, plant anatomy, seed collection, native seed propagation and transplanting methods, and plant care.


Many hands
make light work

We are looking for individuals who have a strong passion for the environment and gardening to work in our community-run native nursery situated close to Lagoon creek environmental reserve. 
Our organisation heavily relies on the contribution of community members to help us maintain and build up the biodiversity of our natural area by seed collecting, propagating and caring for native species for natural bushland revegetation projects in Caboolture

Our Mission is to propagate Native species to increase local biodiversity and species succession in local urban and regeneration projects.

To share knowledge about the roles these plant play in the environment and how they can positively have an impact on local ecology and environmental issues.


We really value our volunteer Contributions

The reserve is listed as Koala habitat and we have regular sightings. Our goal is to plant more species that will help the Koala as this is an area of high interest for development. We have platypus, arboreal mammals, fogs and many bird species amongst many other animals. We also have an endangered vegetation type within the reserve. If it wasnt for our volunteers and affiliated community non for profit groups we would not be able to achieve all that we have! Volunteers and other contributing groups have been the real back bone of our organisation from day one. In turn we provide a supportive, fun environment for people who have a similar mission in life to help support the environment.

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