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About FOLC

Friends of Lagoon Creek are a community based land care group dedicated to the restoration of the Lagoon Creek catchment and greater Caboolture area. The group was Established in 1989. We have been proudly supported by Moreton bay council, the greater community and community groups. This community collaboration continues to help us look after the unique ecosystems found here.


Our local community members making an impact

Lagoon Creek

Environmental Reserve 

By 2009 the group was successful in lobbying the council to get the remaining bushland protected as an environmental reserve.


The natural area Restoration of lagoon creek is being managed by Our Group working in conjunction with Moretonbay Bay Council. A Mixture of volunteers, Networking with other community groups and government funding tackles the ongoing daily challenges. 


Our Mission

Our Mission is to actively protect and preserve the unique species and natural environment that is housed in the lagoon creek catchment.

To re populate species under threat and introduce native flora back into the environment. To help manage environmental threats negatively impacting the biodiversity of our local area. To help educate and involve the greater community with local environmental issues. To put into practice and learn better ways to work with the environment. To give the community a broader understanding of how the environment works as a whole, and the role we can play so we can all make a positive impact on the biodiversity within our area. To help make a connection among local people of the area and the natural area around them.


Lagoon Creek  is a watercourse in the Caboolture Shire, it contains patches of remnant bushland (250acres). It is an important part of the ecosystem within the Caboolture Shire and provides a regular water flow into the Tea Tree Swamp Wetlands found there. These watercourses provide life for many species of plants and animals. Lagoon creek Catchment actually begins at Moodlu and runs in an easterly direction through the north of Caboolture before entering a Tea Tree Swamp on the eastern side of the Bruce Highway ( The Wamuran catchment empties into king john creek and then caboolture river). The reserve also has two highways running through two of its ends, one the Bruce and the other the Dáguilar highway

The reserve has quite an interesting diversity of forest types from open dry eucalyptus forest & endangered squiggle gum to melaleuca coastal paperbark swamp and riparian riverine with pockets of littoral rainforest species. Because Caboolture is at the start of the glasshouse mountains many of the plants found here can be found along the sunshine coast and are sand-loving Coastal Species.

We are truly blessed to live in such an iconic and naturally diverse place  in the world. We have a huge opportunityto be able to preserve this and share it with many generations of Australians and visitors all around the world.
This is part of our culture and our story as an Australian citizen.

Our Partnership Groups

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