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Lagoon Creek Feb -March 22 Floods

Subsided flood image of Lagoon creek Weier March 22

King John Creek was inundated on February 25, 2022, after 777 mm fell in two days. Roads were affected in the local area as well as the Bruce highway via sunshine coast was closed for days. Many parts of Caboolture went under due to the influx of water and rise of water bodies.

We recieved damage to most of our planting sites as well as the transport of rubbish and upliftment of trees and shrubs. Potential damage such as the distribution of weed seeds transported via water remains to be unseen at this point.

Transport of sand from Lgaoon creek and tree roots over the pedestrian walkway through toovey street park.

Tree planting area down in the lower slopes behind the Lagoon creek nursery that was taken over by singapore daisy and is in the process of being revegetated. This pic shows all the missing tree guards from the planting area. Volunteers on March the 7th helped tie planted species to stakes as many were flattened.

More of this tree planting area. Areas not disturbed here have a presence of some rainforest and riverine species with an understory of ferns native bearded grasses and sedges. It is our aim to restore this area as it will be really beautiful. Many bird species can be seen here because of the distance to water with the diversity of plants for food sources as well as hiding and breeding places.

This planting site can be accessed via Grigor street and is on the edge of the reserve. We are trying to extend the habitat area and create a buffer zone close to one of the lagoons here that is getting taken over by exotic grass species as it borders on a mowed park area. The revegetation of this area will also help to beautify this local space. It is going to take a fair bit of work - But small steps. We have fortunately had correctional services and Deception bay Youth Group assisting us with weeding the very large introduced Megathrysus species here. This area will be part of a project that Moreton bay Council and Reclink Caboolture Trainees will be helping to assist with to help establish a healthier thriving frog habitat area.

The Cymbopogon refractus and themeda triandra (native grass species) planted here did not survive the inundation of water so sedges will be important species replacements.

View from pedestrian bridge and platypus sighting area

Areas that only got a little tossed around :)

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