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Native Plant Fact sheets

Australia is home to a diverse range of native plants, many of which are unique to the country. These plants have adapted to Australia's varied climates and soils, making them well-suited to the country's conditions. Some of the most well-known native plants include eucalyptus trees, wattles, banksias, and bottle brushes. Native plants are not only beautiful, but they also have important ecological functions. They provide habitat for wildlife, help to prevent erosion, and can be used for food and medicine. If you're interested in learning more about Australian native plants, there are many useful online resources available. The Australian National Botanic Gardens website ( is a great place to start, as it has information on many different native plants, as well as resources for gardening with natives. The Australian Native Plants Society ( is another helpful resource, with information on plant identification, propagation, and conservation.


A bush walking guide to the natives of lagoon creek

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