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Correctional services

Important information about completing your correctional services hours 

At friends of lagoon creek

Starting time

Sunday 7:00 - 13:00pm

Meeting place

Lagoon creek community nursery

1 Toovey street


Situated at Lagoon creek environmental reserve

Being prepared for your day at work
What you need to bring and wear for your shift

PPE personal protective equipment

  • Steel Capped Boots

  • Long work trousers or Jeans

  • Preferably a long sleeved shirt

  • Broad brimmed hat or we can initially provide

  • Gardening gloves or we can initially provide

Sunscreen and insect repellant is provided for you every shift


Food and a water bottle to refill when needed

Timecard/ Timesheet to record your hours

Summary of some Job activities

  • Weed control 

  • Tree planting and planting site maintenance

  • Nest box implementation and monitoring

  • Species surveying  

  • Seed collection and sorting

  • Native plant propagation

  • Nursery operations such as following nursery hygiene practices

  • Undertaking industry standard Workplace OHS protocols, SOP's, SDS, SWMS, Chemical handling and use 

  • Using industry related equipment such as brush cutters, Mechanical augers and Chemical sprayers.

  • Following Environmental protection policies while undertaking activities.

On the job training

You will be trained and supported so you can complete all tasks and requirements of your role to a professional standard while you are completing your correctional service hours here.

We value your contributions towards our projects



Anne Pennington

President of friends of lagoon creek group

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