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So much could be said about what we are doing wrong in regard to our resource and land management, all I can say is much could be said about how we can do it  right. This is where the community and individuals connecting with the environment around us comes in

We must learn and work with the natural environment around us if we truly want to preserve itfor future generations.

Bushcare is all about restoring natural areas and ecosystems. These places provide habitat and are home to many unique local plant species, vegetation communities and animal populations. These areas are also essential for environmental processes to function at optimum and are part of a larger connectivity of how our local area and broadly how our planet functions healthily as a whole. It takes strategic planning, knowledge of the intricacy and importance of these ecosystems, attention to detail to make a difference in the right areas, community effort, hard work and patience.



Lagoon creek environmental reserve



We are looking for Bush Care Volunteers who are passionate about learning about conservation, the environment and local biodiversity while helping with Bush regeneration projects located at lagoon creek environmental reserve.Various duties are available depending on what you would like to help with training is provided in the following:

Invasive weed identification and control methods for various restricted and environmental weeds common in SEQLD and the Brisbane and Sunshine coast areas.
Tree planting

Planting maintenance and plant care.
Native plant restoration uses, SEQLD native plant ID

Vegetation types and regional ecosystems and RE Mapping. Basic structural and environmental understanding of various vegetation types

Basic plant anatomy and physiology
Pant morphology (Phyllotaxy) basics, plant reproduction, nutrient and environmental requirements, and evolutionary adaptations.

Assisted revegetation practices 

Site reporting and site management practices.


Industry-standard OH&S

Environmental protection laws and standard operating procedures.

Environmental pollution control

Seed collection

Local fauna ID and fauna monitoring

Creating communications and Marketing content Such as providing or creating Informative content for the public or being involved in the organisation of conservation workshops for the public.- Fundraising for projects- Grant applications


Learn about the power of plants 
Combating climate change and drought by improving microclimatic conditions, rain cycles. Plants and improving soil health, flooding erosion control. Plants ability to purify contaminated soils and water through biofiltration and plants ability to improve general biodiversity and resource values.


The reserve has quite an interesting diversity of forest types from open dry eucalyptus forest & endangered squiggle gum to melaleuca coastal paperbark swamp and riparian riverine with pockets of littoral rainforest species. Because caboolture is at the start of the glasshouse mountains many of the plants found here can be found along the sunshine coast and are sand loving Coastal Species.

Lagoon Creek  is a watercourse in the Caboolture Shire, it contains patches of remnant bushland (250acres). It is an important part of the ecosystem within the Caboolture Shire and provides a regular water flow into the Tea Tree Swamp Wetlands found there. These watercourses provide life for many species of plants and animals. Lagoon creek Catchment actually begins at Moodlu and runs in an easterly direction through the north of Caboolture before entering a Tea Tree Swamp on the eastern side of the Bruce Highway ( The Wamuran catchment empties into king john creek and then caboolture river). The reserve also has two highways running through two of its ends, one the Bruce and the other the Dáguilar highway

The bird insect and frog life are just amazing here.  I have frequently spotted platypus grey kangaroos and swamp wallaby’s here on several occasions! The place is a bit of a mecca for birds insects and other wildlife I am constantly amazed how much life I have witnessed here some very surprising. And i am getting the feeling its probably only the tip of the iceberg! Mornings are a good time to come to spot wildlife and insects before the harsh sun comes out.




Our mission is to help increase the biodiversity along the creek and in the wetland areas as it is an abundant area and it can support much life. Our Group has been focused on the restoration of Lagoon creek for 30 years. We have within most of the reserve the vulnerable vegetation community 12.3.14a Floodplain Scribbly Gum (Eucalyptus racemosa subsp. racemosa) woodland and Endangered blue gum woodland 12.5.3 which is common in Caboolture and Morayfield. It is a known habitat for rare and threatened flora species including Eucalyptus conglomerata








We Value our Volunteer Contributions

If it wasnt for our volunteers and affiliated community non for profit groups we would not be able to achieve all that we have! Volunteers and other contributing groups have been the real back bone of our organisation from day one. In turn we provide a supportive, fun environment for people who have a similar mission in life to help support the environment.

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